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Does Airbnb Clone really works?

Do you think it is possible to grow a top-notch user base and getting revenue right from day one? I would say that, absolutely not. But a wheel of fortune has passed over Airbnb. Within a short span of time, Airbnb has win-over a long list of entrepreneurs across the globe to build space rental websites, and eventually a lot of clone scripts as well.
Undoubtedly Airbnb is the first trade name that comes to the top of our mind while talking about renting a space for accommodation (long term/short term). This startup took the travel and hospitality industry by storm making ‘space-renting’ idea; the easiest thing to do with a straight forward digital solution and fortified millions to list their space on the web as well as through the mobile apps.

At the same time, some innovative minds adapted this brain wave for some other online rental business like car rental, bike rental, boat rental, apparel rental etc. Nowadays those kinds of rental business spice-up the new-born sta…

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