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Airbnb Clone Script for Other Online Rental Business

Wish to Travel? Need a bike? You can rent on online--from a person, but not from a shop. This new era is shifting towards accessibility, as opposed to ownership. Getting what you need right away and getting it for a fraction of the cost of ownership is the major key. Likewise, one can rent anything from online and that’s how Online Rental Business creates a storm among business people. If you wish to start a Spinlister like startups for Online Bike Rental Platform, many ready made solutions are available now. Imagine that how it would be if you have Airbnb-like platform for bike rental business. It sounds good no?
Online rental business of one form or another seems to be on the rise. Rental business has branched out far beyond DVD and vacation houses. In verticals like bikes, cars, boats, designer wear, adventure gear etc., it makes sense to rent the product if your need is for the short term.  So all you need is an instant solution, which is highly functional. Airbnb is one of the most …

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